Unlimited Learning: Reaching The PeakLife is a journey which involves learning from the first step to the last. From the birth of a child till the time he is engulfed by death, learning is a vital activity that every individual engages in throughout life.

The essence of learning does not merely involve the task of acquiring academic knowledge and educational qualifications, though they are a very important means of adding to the wisdom of an individual. Learning entails acquiring knowledge from the people one meets, the places they visit and gaining insight from their surroundings.

Learning is by its nature available from everything and being in this world, and can be acquired easily, provided the individual is willing to strive and benefit from it. It is an activity and a quest which has no ending, it continues till the end.

According to Socrates,

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filing of a vessel.”

This quote illustrates the great philosopher’s belief in learning throughout life. He believed education to be the source of ignition and the spark which will prompt man to pursue challenging endeavors, in order to acquire never ending knowledge.

The great thinker has compared knowledge to a flame, as in, it serves to ignite the interest of man to learn about the countless beings and things in this world. Socrates refuted the thinking of considering education and knowledge to be a means of filing up a vessel with a limited capacity. He advocated that the thirst of man for learning should not and does not have any limit. And this thirst can only be quenched by indulging in activities, which ensure lifelong learning opportunities.

According to Confucius,

“You cannot open a book without learning something.”

Kahlil Gibran said,

“Education sows not seeds in you, but makes your seeds grow.”

The Essence Of Learning

Learning by acquiring education from the renowned institutions in the world, is a very effective but not the only source of gaining knowledge. Learning is not an activity or a pursuit which reaches its end once a degree is earned or a certification is acquired.  Rather it is a never ending quest which requires the thirst for knowledge as the most important and the only requirement, for an individual to succeed.

Learning does not involve the memorization of books, formulas and scripts; rather it is the factor which is best exhibited with a change in the human behavior, living styles, interaction and dealing with and living in the world.

Learning affects all the facets of a human personality and if the crafted changes are for the good, it ascertains the extent of true learning acquired by the person.

Unlimited Learning – The Gateway To Knowledge

Learning does not have any boundaries, or any restrictions. It does not have any limitations or a set capacity which once filled cannot be replenished. Rather, learning is like a journey with no point of return. Because once an individual acquires knowledge, their thirst urges them to seek more wisdom, never letting them think of returning to the point where they started, because they can’t, after having acquired extensive information.

Unlimited learning should be the main goal of individuals who wish to benefit from the bounties offered by limitless knowledge. Only by learning about themselves and their surroundings, can an individual understand about their true purpose in life and carve their lives to achieve their ultimate goal.

According to Gandhi,

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Continuous Learning- Means Of Reaching The Peak

Reaching the summit of life is an endeavor not easily undertaken nor simply achieved. But individuals, who recognize the importance and valuable significance of learning, understand the continuous effort to augment knowledge to be the means of reaching the peak of success.

Phil Collins illustrated the quest of learning and ordeal of man for acquiring knowledge in the following verses,

“On this journey that you are making

There’ll be answers that you’ll seek

If it’s you who’ll climb the mountain

It’s you who’ll reach the peak”


The artist has summarized the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and the yearning to learn about the world, by comparing them to a journey at the end of which the traveler successfully reaches the pinnacle, thereby effectively reaching their desired destination.

Lifelong and continuous learning about the world, people and about oneself should be the pursuit of every man, with self learning the only means to reach the chosen objective.

According to Isaac Asimov

“Self education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”


“The human mind is like a garden which needs pruning by studies.”  ~ Anonymous.

Lifelong learning is essential to ensure effective cultivation of the talents and faculties’ man has been blessed with.

Ways To Ensure Lifelong Learning

Given the importance of lifelong and unlimited learning, one should adopt some easy and simple means to ensure that the process of acquiring knowledge is continued with great vigor and success.

Cultivate The Spark For Knowledge

After having ignited your spark to acquire knowledge, cultivate it into a warm and blazing fire which is always in need of information and knowledge to stay ablaze. Benefit others and yourself, by continuing on the path to acquire the treasure of knowledge.

Seek Company Of The Wise

The ideal way to learn is to seek the company of those who like you, recognize the importance of unlimited and lifelong learning. By embarking on the quest for knowledge with wisdom seeker just like you, you will definitely get to learn a lot and benefit from the knowledge of others.

According to Phil Collins,

“In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn.”

Have An Unquenchable Thirst

Never let your thirst to acquire knowledge be quenched, no matter how hard it might seem to pursue your dreams. By seeking informative books, learning on the internet and allocating some time each day to the perusal of knowledge, you can keep your spark ignited and continue on your journey to reach the peak and final destination in life.


“You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands. Take it up reverently, for it is an old piece of clay, with millions of thumbprints on it.” ~ John Updike


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