A perpetual question faced by multitudes of individuals throughout their life, can be best presented by incorporating a minor change in the famous soliloquy of Shakespeare,To Like The Job, Or Not…

“To like the job or not, that is the question!”

Little did Shakespeare dream that his soliloquy created for Hamlet will become so famous and will be remembered even after years of its creation. And it would surely not have crossed the great playwright’s mind to even think that the famous dialogue would represent the heartfelt condition of numerous individuals wondering about their current job careers.

Dealing With The Ultimate Question

Amongst the long list of pressing questions that affect and influence human life, the factor of finding a satisfactory and self fulfilling job career, is a much prioritized topic. The current trend of the world economy and the shifting demographic preferences has resulted in increasing the relevance and importance of pursuing a job career which while promising a steady flow of income, also satisfies the work passion of an individual.

The need to pursue one’s passions and excel in the field of their choice has become the lifelong ambition of many individuals, becoming one of the most important factors to achieve self satisfaction and a high self esteem.

But the hurdle and question which disturbs this so perfect picture, is the challenge of finding yourself in a job position which not only answers the extrinsic but also the intrinsic requirements of an individual. The main philosophy behind the concept is to identify the perfect career choice for oneself, and pursue a path which leads to a sense of achievement and true happiness.

The Main Hurdle- The Stumbling Block!

The stumbling block to this dream of a successful career in the industry is the most basic of all! It is not practically possible for every individual to be able to carve out a career or find a job position which answers their preconceived notions about work life.

Finding a job which meets all your monetary requirements along with the intrinsic self satisfaction needs, is a combination not easily available. Most individuals either do not find this ideal situation or fail to realize an opportunity when it knocks on their door. Whatever the reason, the question is how to tackle the situation, in which one is fixed with a job, one does not like!

To Like Or Not To Like!

For individuals who complain constantly about having to work on a job position which does not answer their satisfaction needs, the question which provides the ultimate answer to their woes is:

How many things in life do you get to enjoy which are entirely in keeping with your liking?

That is the ultimate question which is sure to set a certain number of dissatisfied individuals to think about what they want out of life, and what they are willing to contribute to achieve their desired objectives. By weighing the pros and cons of such a situation an individual can best comprehend and come to terms with the prioritized ambitions of their life.

Thus the question of liking the job or not will be answered!

Is It Necessary To Like Your Job?

The great answer in response to the woes of individuals who do not like their jobs because of the work environment, their boss, job duties, workplace culture etc., is that it is not essential to like your job!

How many people are able to enjoy their dream life? Maybe some, maybe none. Similar is the case with pursuing a job which while satisfying your monetary needs, does not cater to your personal satisfaction.

According to a study only around 1 in 5 individuals like their jobs, while the similar ratio is of individuals who dislike their job immensely. But the remaining population is neutral as to the factor of intensely liking or disliking their job.

There may be quite a few reasons, because of which an individual might not like their job, but it does not imply that the ideal procedure would be to quit the existing workplace in search of a dream job. Being practical, it is important to know, that while there may be some job responsibilities which you might not be satisfied with, there are quite a few which might lead to your career development and growth in skill set.

Let’s face it, you engage in a lot of activities in life which are important but which are not entirely to your choice. View your job in the same context. If your job offers you a good salary and benefit package, then thinking of leaving a good opportunity for an ideal job which might even be impossible to find, is not a practical and logical step.

You might not like the job, but it is no reason for you to not enjoy performing it to the best of your abilities. By executing the work responsibilities and duties to the best of your potential, you can derive great pleasure and the much sought inner satisfaction, from the work. Though you might not like the job, but you can love yourself for executing it to the level of perfection which is sure to draw appreciation from your superiors and propel your career.

By enjoying performing at your level best on your job, you can derive great benefits of:

  • Improving your existing skill set
  • Utilizing and enhancing your capabilities and innate talent
  • Achieving excellence in your endeavors
  • Advancing your career and likely shifting to a higher job position, with work that you like

Therefore by shifting your point of view you can actually enjoy your job, not because of any change in the duties but through alteration in your perception.

How To Tackle A Job You Don’t Like

If you don’t like your job, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy doing it. You can go about it with:

  • First, changing your attitude to a positive one.
  • Accept that you do not like your job.
  • Carefully evaluate the multiple benefits and advantages available through the job.
  • Understand that when “life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”
  • Make the most of potential and excel on your job.
  • Stand out from the crowd and portray your talents.
  • Enjoy opportunities of career development and like yourself, not your job.


Understand this, that you don’t have to like whatever life throws your way, but it is up to you to make the most of what you get. Because for all you know, it might be a means of realizing your potential and an opportunity in disguise!

As Confucius presented the formula for excellence,

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential…… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”

And just see, never once did he mention liking whatever life throws at you! So for achieving personal excellence and a promising career, you don’t have to like your job. You just have to do it well!

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