Think Different! Escape the Societal Mold We are all born into different lives and grew up experiencing different things. The opportunities we are born with and the people who taught us have the biggest impact on our lives. This impact can be both positive and negative, depending on the type of people we are forced to associate with.

Most people take after their parents in terms of how they think. This is understandable because when you’re a child, you are raised by your parents and you have to listen to their viewpoints every day. At an early age, their words tend to stick in your mind and you will eventually get molded into their image. What are you supposed to do, disobey your parents?

Society teaches us that we have to listen to our parents and do whatever they say. This is unfortunate because there is no test that parents have to pass which makes them qualified to give advice to their children. They are tasked to mold their children’s minds properly because that is what’s expected of them. Does this sound like something that makes sense? Of course not, but society expects this from parents. If you are a child that has to listen to your parents then don’t take everything they say at face value. Come to your own conclusions about things.

The regular people around you are one thing, but society in general tries to mold you in a whole different way. When we talk about society, we mean the people that are the representatives of society. These are the workers of governmental and educational institutions.

Politicians represent the government and they are always talking about what problems their citizens’ face and what they should be doing with their lives. Teachers try to teach students the ways of the world and what they should do to adapt. You have people from all over telling you how to think, feel, act and move.

Well, if everybody thought the same way by listening to the fundamental teachings of society then we would all do the same thing. What make individuals unique are the qualities, abilities and skills they possess that others do not.

For example, if all high school students listened to an army recruiter that visited their school and told them to join the army, it wouldn’t be a good thing if everyone joined. Not everybody is of army material, just like not everybody is of college material.

When you’re a kid, you get it drilled into your head that you have to go to college or you will end up a loser the rest of your life. That is not so. Some of the most successful people didn’t graduate from college, like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. How did they succeed then?

Well, they had their own creative plans for their futures that didn’t involve the stereotypical college education.

They were both computer programmers and inventors of software that changed the world. If they hadn’t been creative inventors and just stuck with the educational routine, do you think they still would have been as successful? Most likely they wouldn’t have. They would have probably ended up applying for computer programmer jobs in other companies instead of creating their own companies with their own software name.

This is why escaping the societal mold can be so beneficial to your life. It allows you to create new opportunities for yourself that no one else can teach you. We are all unique and you have to use your own mind to create opportunities for yourself. Take the skills and abilities that you have and make something out of them with your life.

It is important to understand that society isn’t the enemy. They try to instill values and education into their citizens, so they can be as productive as they can with their lives. But what the representatives of society fail to tell people is that they shouldn’t base their whole lives around the traditional codes of conduct.

Sure, we all know that we cannot commit crimes because we will go to jail if we do. But, if we simply escape from the norms of society then we won’t go to jail. Society may not admit it, but they expect people to escape the mold that is over them. That is what separates the regular people from the people who will change the world.

It is almost like a way for society to test you to see what you’re made of. The kinds of people who will change the world will never be able to live a normal everyday life. They need to have their voices heard and have their ideas presented to the world. They just can’t help it because they think differently which makes them act different. Society can never change that about a person.

So, is that person supposed to just not be themselves so they can fit into society? Or, do they take a chance and be who they want to be even if they have to face hardships along the way? The answer is, quite obviously, to take chances because that is what life is all about. Nothing worthwhile is easy in life, especially having to abide by societal norms.

Society has certainly changed in the last century. What used to be considered the norm 50 years ago is not considered the norm today. If you were somebody raised in the 1960s, your ideals are not relevant anymore. Is that your fault? Of course not, because the society you were raised in made you think a certain way.

Now, many decades later, society is telling you that what you were originally taught is not the right way to think anymore. This is why if you are young you might as well take a lesson from these kinds of examples. Society is changing all the time and listening to what they tell you will most likely become bad advice as you get older.

You have to make your own decisions and only trust your own instincts. That is the only way to truly escape the societal mold that we’ve all grown up with. It won’t be easy, but then again, life isn’t easy.

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