In today’s busy world, we hardly get time to look after ourselves. We tend to spend more time working and in the process have forgotten the importance of taking care of ourselves.

A peaceful mind and soul is essential for your body to function properly. Fresh and clean air plays a vital role in clearing our brain and increasing our energy. Exercising in open air offers enhanced aerobic advantages. Clean air helps the lungs to improve your breathing system which in turn improves your stamina.

Besides air, vitamin D is also important for our well being and the best source of vitamin D is the sun. Numerous individuals try to avoid the sun. True, too much sun exposure can prove to be harmful but lack of sun can also be damaging to your fitness and health. Aside from working out, a peaceful and content soul can be achieved through indulging yourself in wellness programs.

Wellness Retreat

Wellness is a lifestyle that encourages mental and physical health. It is known as a lifestyle balance which incorporates the importance of spirit, mind and body. The constant overload of home duties and work, hectically moving from one task to another leaves you exhausted. Your body needs to unwind from all the stress. A wellness program/retreat helps your mind and body to relax.

Exercising, yoga, beauty treatment and a weekend away is not what is meant by a wellness retreat. A wellness retreat is when you truly disconnect with the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with the inner you. A wellness retreat offers spas services complete with manicure-pedicure treatment, full body massages, and more at a peaceful environment, usually at a beach. There is nothing like the sound of waves and the gush of wind, to help you reconnect with your inner self.

Here are a few tips to get the most of your wellness retreat:

  • Opt for a wellness retreat which is at a beach.
  • Request your travel agent to book the services forehand as to avoid any problems later.
  • At least stay for a minimum of half a day. This way you will be able to take maximum advantage from the retreat.
  • Go for special packages offered by the retreat.
  • If you are going along with your friends, family members or your spouse, book appointments at the same time so that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Wellness retreat can be an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones.
  • Try the signature treatment offered at the retreat, this may be the best service they offer and you can attain maximum relaxation and contentment through the service.

Yoga and Exercise on Beach

Beaches are excellent places to relax your mind and body. You can enjoy the sand under your feet, sounds of the waves and fresh air all the while taking full advantage of the environment through doing yoga or other exercises. The best part is that you don’t need any equipment. Doing some light exercises on the beach can benefit your wellness greatly. Inhaling fresh air will clean your lungs and produce a healthy and content mind.

Here are a few tips that can help you enjoy and take advantage of the great outdoors to the fullest:

  • Bring a blanket or a towel with you instead of a mat. Blanket or towel will stay in place while a mat won’t and it will create problems for your workout.
  • Always wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Make sure you find the glasses that are comfortable and easily stay on while you exercise. Sun is good for you but too much of sun can be harmful. Protect yourself from heat rays by applying sunscreen.
  • Don’t bring your mp3 player or iPod with you. Listening to the waves crashing on the sand with help you relax more and help you to connect with the inner you. It will assist in the breathing techniques during yoga exercises.
  • Don’t do aggressive exercises. When you start moving fast, it will be cause the sand to come in your eyes, on your clothes and towel. Stick to slow moving exercises.
  • Do more balancing poses. Beach is the best place to practice your balancing pose as the sand under your feet will challenge you legs and ankle muscles. It will improve your balancing technique. If you master the art of balancing on sand, you can easily balance on any other surface as well.
  • Go for inverting. Practicing headstand on the beach is perfect as the fear of falling and hurting yourself gets eliminated because of the sand. Master your flipping moves on the beach so that you can perform them elsewhere as well.
  • Meditation on beach is highly rewarding as compared to meditating indoor. The fresh air and soothing sounds of the waves will help you to relax and meditate more effectively.
  • It is extremely important for you to remain hydrated throughout your workout. You are working out at a dehydrating place due to sun exposure. Keep a large water bottle with you and keep sipping water between exercises to keep you hydrated. Water is also effective in keeping your skin healthy.
  • Workout early. In order to avoid extreme heat, you should do a workout early in the morning.
  • Don’t go during extreme weathers. Extreme weathers can prove to be harmful to your health. It is advised that you workout indoors if it is extreme hot or extreme cold.

Fresh air is vital for our wellness. Working day and night at the city with pollution and stress can be very daunting and exhausting. Wellness of the mind and body is very important nowadays. Take a break from your busy schedule and spend some time on yourself. This will enable you to de-stress and renew yourself. It will provide peace to your mind and help your body relax. You will return back feeling energized and refreshed.

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