Excuses, Excuses! Why Giving Up Is Never Okay

We all have goals in life. But the chances are, we make excuses for why we can’t achieve them. This causes us to talk ourselves out of achieving those goals. You can find this way of thinking being applied towards many things in life.

One thing, in particular, is when weight loss is concerned. People have a multitude of excuses when it comes to this subject. They’ll say things like, “I’m too big boned. I have a slow metabolism. I need to eat junk food because that’s the only happiness I get in life.” These excuses are all malarkey and they are an easy way of talking yourself out of achieving the goals that you really want to achieve.

It is very easy to give up on your dreams. All it takes is for you to walk away and never look back. When you’re in the moment, it feels great to give up because all that pressure of trying to succeed will be gone. It is almost like you are set free from the burden of having to try at all.

However, if you give up every time something is hard to do, then you will never succeed at anything. Then later on in life, you will regret having previously given up on the things that you really wanted to accomplish. Besides, giving up means you are accepting failure into your life. Most people have excuses for why they fail. They’ll blame everything and everyone else but themselves for the reasoning behind their failures.

For example, let’s say a student in school fails a test. When he goes home and gets confronted about it by his parents, he will probably tell them some poor excuse like “The teacher is lousy. She doesn’t know how to teach. It’s not my fault.” What the student fails to realize is that he didn’t seek extra help or tutoring to get more familiar with the subject. He probably didn’t even study that much to begin with. But, in order to save embarrassment and guilt, he blames someone else for his failures.

What you must understand is that you shouldn’t totally depend on other things or other people to encourage you to be successful. If you do, then you can generate easy excuses for failing, when these outsiders fail to motivate you into not giving up. It is not their responsibility to motivate you. You need to motivate yourself into not making excuses and not giving up.

If you’ve set goals for yourself that are difficult but possible to achieve, then you should be spending every waking moment working towards those goals trying to make them happen. You might get uncomfortable while working towards them, but we are not all supposed to be comfortable all of the time.

People have a bad habit of thinking that if something doesn’t feel good then it must not be the right thing. This is an easy way to make an excuse not to do something. One great example of this is with people who are trying to lose weight and exercise. Ask yourself, “Does exercise feel good?” Well, not really when you’re doing it but afterwards you feel great. How about when you need to study for a big test for school? Everyone hates studying and there are so many distractions around that can deter someone from concentrating on their school books. People have the internet, YouTube, iPhones, and social media to distract them. So, if they end up failing the test, should blaming all of these things be an excuse for their failure? No, and no teacher will care that you were distracted by them either. You have to find the strength within yourself to set aside all of these distractions and focus on what needs to be done.

It’s the same philosophy towards not giving up. It is hard to achieve difficult goals, but once you succeed at achieving them, you will feel so proud of yourself. Just remember to keep negative thoughts out of your head, no matter how much the odds are against you. Trying and losing is better than not trying at all.

If you need proof about this philosophy, take a look at the famous, successful people around us. Donald Trump is a person who is the icon for success. Even though he inherited millions to start with, he turned that money into billions. This was in the real estate market, which always has fluctuating outcomes. But he outwitted his competitors and kept on going, even during times when the economy was bad.

If you need a better example, look at President Barack Obama of the United States. He grew up poor and was raised by a single mother. Despite that and being of the minority race, he still prospered from his humble beginnings all the way to the White House. How did he do that? He simply didn’t let society or anyone else pressure him into giving himself an excuse to quit. He continued to fight for what he wanted and he achieved great success because he never gave up. You need to take a lesson from people like this.

So, have you realized that giving up is never okay yet? Just remember that every time you feel a compulsion to give up, you are going to fail – “Don’t give up!”

If you focus on this mantra hard enough, you might reconsider the temptation to give up when such a situation presents itself.

Just ask yourself “If I try, what is the worst that can happen?” The simple answer to that is: you will try and fail. That is the worst that can happen. It is still better than never to have tried at all. You have to eliminate all excuses and bogus reasons for quitting from your mind. You have got to be a doer and take risks. That is what life is all about.

Unfortunately, there are people who don’t learn that giving up is bad until they are old and full of regrets. Learn from your elders’ mistakes in them giving up on their dreams. You don’t have to follow in their footsteps, regardless of what people tell you. If people tell you to give up on your dreams, then they obviously gave up on their own dreams at some point.

Anyone who tells you to give up is giving you bad advice. Just listen to what your heart tells you and keep trying hard in everything you do. And remember, no excuses!

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