Dare To Risk: Adding Courage to Our Lives There are many obstacles in life that can pose a great challenge to you. It may even feel intimidating to face these difficult situations, and this fear will cause you to want to back away from the situations. Unfortunately, this is the same as giving up. Anytime you give up on something, you are going to fail at it for sure.

Facing up to difficult challenges can give you a positive feeling because you may achieve something that you might not have achieved otherwise – if you had run away. What you need to do, to face up to difficult challenges, is to get a little thing called “courage.”

Courage is the strength within you that lets you stand up to face hardships and difficult situations without backing away, regardless of the dangers or risks involved. The world we currently live in – where everybody wants to feel good and have convenience – it has greatly diminished the courageous traits that people once had. Now, when people are in a dangerous situation, they call the police and hide until they arrive. Back in the days before the police existed, citizens fended for themselves and faced the challenges that life threw at them. It seems that these days, a person’s courage is defined more by the job they have, instead of the individual himself. No matter if you flip burgers at a fast food restaurant or if you are the chief of police, we all need to add courage back into our lives.

To be courageous is going to be difficult, especially if you are used to not having courage. This isn’t something that you can just have your doctor prescribe you a pill for. We would love for it to be that easy, but courage is an ability that somebody must find within himself. You cannot learn to be courageous in school or have somebody teach it to you.

The only way to learn about it is by doing a lot of self examination of your emotions, and your way of thinking. Figure out why you get so scared in tense situations. If you are willing to take a chance, try to put yourself in a situation that requires courage and then push yourself to the limit.

A lot of people like to join the military to enhance their courage. It helps if you have drill instructors screaming in your ear all the time, telling you to move faster and obey commands. It almost is like a jolt to your brain, so that you don’t have time to think about the dangers and what could happen. You have to act instantly and move forward without thinking. This is the best way to be courageous because thinking seems to hold a lot of people back when they really don’t want to chicken out. The military is great for disciplining people to find their courage within. If you are too scared to join the military and can’t get enough courage to get to the recruiters’ office, then you’ll have to figure out another method of getting courage on your own.

One idea that might work is to get a gym membership and exercise. You’d be amazed what lifting weights and running on a treadmill can do to your emotional state. You’ll feel more relaxed and you won’t physically feel any negativity. This is because exercise is considered a form of stress and this releases endorphins in your brain that help relax your body. If you are consistent with your work-out at the gym, your body will be conditioned to not feel any negativity when you come across a tough situation. This absence of negativity from your body will help make you more courageous in difficult situations. Your body won’t get a rush of negative emotion, but instead, it will feel relaxed because the regular exercise has conditioned your body to adapt to stressful situations.

We all have to take risks in life. Sure, you can take the easy route and never do anything dangerous or exciting. At least that way, you’ll know you’re safe and secure with little chance of getting hurt. But, would you really be living life to its fullest potential? You sure wouldn’t be.

Life is supposed to be lived by taking risks everyday and by finding adventure. This is how courage is built in a person. Courage is something that human beings are supposed to learn, through experiencing life. Thousands of years ago, people had to be courageous everyday when they fended for themselves in the wild, searching for food and shelter. No one taught them to be courageous; they were forced to become brave because that was the only way to survive.

In modern times, we have more things handed to us without having to be courageous to fight for it. What’s worse is that people take this easy life for granted and they never learn any self preservation instincts relating to courage. This causes people to not be self dependant, but instead rely on others to help them out in tight situations. Then, when the time comes for you to face one of these situations without any help, you won’t be prepared because you’ve never had to be courageous before.

If all else fails, adding risk to your life will add courage because they both coincide with each other. Perhaps, you could be a volunteer firefighter to build up your courage. This is definitely a job that would require courage because you’d be running into burning buildings and putting your life at risk. Since it is your job, you wouldn’t have time to think before you act because this type of situation requires immediate action.

Thinking is the number one factor that stops courage. Try to listen to what your heart tells you and not what your mind tells you. We all want to be courageous and we need to put others before ourselves in order to do that. If you keep thinking about what might happen to you, then you will never add courage to your life. Think about the good your courage will do to help others.

Dare to risk, and then you would have successfully added courage to your life.

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