Changing The World By Changing The You

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

People keep on talking about how they want to change the world and how they want to influence others and make a great impact in the world. It is good to hear such motivated and enthusiastic people wanting to change the world for the better. However, even if we do intend change the world, how can we be successful without first making a change within us? The change starts from us, then you influence others and this chain expands gradually which forms small stepping stones towards bringing change in the world.

Even if you are determined to change the world, but there is anxiety, turmoil, frustration and anger within you then this is exactly what you will influence in others too. You are clearly missing the big picture; you cannot change the entire world just by believing. You first have to take the first step as it won’t do any good to just make a leap towards your goal. The journey begins with you. You must change yourself for the better in order to make a positive influence on the world.

The first step to accomplishing any goal is usually the hardest. In this case, admitting that you have flaws and trying to eradicate those flaws is no easy task but it is the best way to influence and motivate others to move towards a good path. If you are not treating the people around you with respect, if you can’t treat them like you want the world to treat you, the goal you are after is unachievable. There is a strong need for us to expand our generosity, kindness and love to anyone and everyone.

Stumped about how to start a change within you? Here are a few helpful tips to get you started:

Changing Yourself

Ask yourself, how would you want people to treat you? When you get angry at someone, you should consider that maybe they are going through a rough time or maybe they are just confused. Put yourself in others’ shoes. How would you feel if you were treated aggressively, impatiently and rudely? When you start thinking like this, you will automatically start thinking before speaking. Be patient and respectful towards others’ feelings.


Don’t react to negativity with more negativity. If someone is rude to you, that doesn’t mean you have to be rude to them too. You have control over your emotions and reactions. An eye for an eye is not a real solution here. It is important that you keep a positive mind and attitude. Learn to let it go and forgive people for their behavior. This change in you can strongly influence people to be more forgiving.



So you have decided to change yourself, but this resolution is not enough. You have to implement it. If you don’t actually do it, what good will your resolution do? You won’t be able to move forward without implementing any action. Make an effort. If you can’t, then how to you expect others to do the same?

Respecting Everyone Equally

Remember, everyone is a human being. From the rich to the poor, we are all the same. If given the opportunity, anyone can achieve greatness. Learn to respect and treat everyone equally. This is the most essential thing to understand and follow in order to make a change in this world.

Seeing the Positive in People

If you start focusing on the positive in others instead of always looking at the negative, it will change your outlook. Each and every one of us has faults. Seeing good in others will enable us to promote positivity around us, it will allow us to reach out to people and help them for the better. It will help us in becoming better individuals and enhance positivity which is the most crucial thing lacking in today’s world.

Being Persisting

When you want to achieve something good, be prepared for the hurdles that will come your way. Aiming towards achieving something good in the world won’t be easy. You have to be persistent. It shows how badly one wants to achieve their goal. Being persistent is a test of your determination, huger and resilience for your cause.

Showing Sincerity

You must be sincere in what you do. Start by being true to yourself. Ensure that what you say and what you do is in harmony. That will lead to true happiness. Be sincere and honest towards what you do and what you want to accomplish. Be sincere towards others. Show them how important sincerity and passion is. When we are happy with ourselves and the others around us, it creates a feeling of unity and contentment which enables us to move forward together for our cause.

Continuing to Evolve

This is a very important step towards bringing change in the world. Evolving and changing continuously will help us move forward. Development and growth doesn’t just stop after a certain time. You have to keep learning and changing in order to grow. It is not possible to achieve anything if you remain stagnant. This way, you won’t be doing anything to make an impact on this world. The change you want in this world won’t happen unless you keep moving. You will grow and evolve with each problem and hurdle. It will be a new experience and a new lesson for you. There is no end to the possibilities that awaits you.


It is foolish to expect things to just turn the way you want them too. The world cannot change in a day without us even attempting to do something good. Changing ourselves is the first step towards bringing improvement. You can succeed in changing the world by changing how you treat yourself, your loved ones and the people around you. You make efforts and you stay committed, this is how you will be able to influence others and bring a change in this world.