22Nov 2014
Anchoring The Self In The Present

In the words of Alice Morse Earle, “The clock is running. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.”   This quote illustrates the significant importance of enjoying and living in the present, and learning […]

23Nov 2014
Coming To Terms With High Expectations

Our lives are filled with expectations from ourselves, from our family, friends, business partners, and colleagues. These expectations are created from different situations and circumstances. Almost always, high expectations result in disappointment and heartache. However, some expectations help in shaping our perspective. Our constant need for change and reliance is created through expectations and shapes […]

24Nov 2014
Emotional Makeover From Aggression To Friendliness

The complete wellbeing of an individual solely depends upon the collective physical and emotional health of a person. A person might seem to be in the pink of health, judging from their physical features, but might not be eligible to be termed as a healthy individual, because of any emotional imbalance or turmoil experienced by […]

25Nov 2014
How To Cope With Failure The Thomas Edison Way

Isn’t it strange that the biggest fear of man centers around something which is completely natural and essential for their personal growth – and that is failure! As far back as we can recount, history has divulged stories of successful individuals and their endeavors, with extensive detail about the amount of work and effort they […]

26Nov 2014
Humility: A Foremost Aspect In Corporate Success

There are a number of traits and essential qualities which are deemed as essential for the effective leader of an organization. Amongst the long list of important characteristics is one which is most often overlooked or not given due significance by aspiring corporate leaders, who wish to make their mark in the industry. Humility is […]

27Nov 2014

The failure to realize and accept the need for change in life is the biggest hurdle faced by a multitude of individuals every single day of their existence. By being completely ignorant or unobservant in identifying some of the glaring indicators which prompt a need to incorporate a suitable change within their lifestyles, people tend […]