A Chummy Relationship between Spirituality and Prosperity The quest for complete and eternal happiness is a characteristic which has been common amongst the entire human race which has spent its time in this world, and also those which are destined to come after them.

This commonality has prompted countless individuals to pursue various courses of actions which would in their view lead to an existence of complete happiness and prosperity. Though the goal of the entire human race has been similar, to pursue true happiness, but the courses adopted and the methods employed for the achievement of their ambition has varies from individual to individual.

As the concept and meaning of true happiness varies from one individual to the other, the paths chosen and the efforts made to achieve the ultimate goal are diverse and totally dependent on the individual’s perception of the importance of the ambition. While some perceive money and property to be the tools to achieve desired happiness, others consider them to be a success in themselves.

But those who know even a little something about life and its reality realize that monetary assets and possessions are not the true source of happiness and prosperity. There are other better and real ways of ensuring ultimate prosperity in life, which ensure a sure means of deriving happiness throughout ones existence- and that is spirituality!

Spirituality- Your Means To Success

There are a lot of misconceptions and false ideas about the true essence of spirituality. The truth of the matter is that spirituality is something which has a different idea for everyone. For some it might involve engaging in different religious practices, rituals and gatherings in order to acquire that sense of belonging and personal satisfaction desired by many. While others perceive spirituality as a practice which assists an individual to come to terms with their inner self, and learn about themselves.

People engage in various exercises and routines to help them understand their inner personality, by reaching a state of extreme calm which facilitates them to learn about their own true feelings and perceive the world from an entirely new point of view. By deriving an acute and comprehensive view of the reality of life, only then can true and complete success be achieved.

The Essence Of Prosperity

The word prosperity somehow gives the illusion of large piles of money and rooms full of valuable possessions. It is a concept which has been integrated into our minds through movies and other forms of media, that prosperity is a word which is synonymous with money and power.

This may be true for some people, but even then such individuals only aspire for the lowest level of true happiness and success in life. Monetary assets should not have to be the ultimate goal of a person. Rather, an individual should aspire and strive to reach the highest level of prosperity and true success in life – and that is the realization of the true self, and worth of others around them.

Are Spirituality And Prosperity Really Linked?

Though it might seem very incongruous, but spirituality and prosperity in this world is not only linked but also very much possible.

Though there is a wide perception of prosperity being linked to only the acquisition of monetary assets, but those who understand know that true prosperity and happiness is not a monopoly of the rich and wealthy. But can likewise be enjoyed by every individual in this world, if they know the way to the right path.

Spirituality, being the path of pursuing a quest to come to terms with ones true existence and purpose in life, is the golden ticket to true prosperity. Some acquire it by meditating and engaging in religious activities, while others comprehend the importance of understanding their position and relevance in life, and striving hard to reach that level of eternal bliss and spiritual calm which is the goal of many an individual.

An individual who is spiritually and morally sound, with a clear and perceived notion of his goals in life will be a person who will value others and not use them merely as steeping stones in their pursuit of life ambitions.

True prosperity is not merely the accumulation of hoards of wealth or the earning of educational degrees in life, rather it is the ultimate understanding of the true meaning of existence, and adopting ways to lead a life which is focused on the goal of making life easier for others and oneself.

By acquiring spirituality, an individual can easily aspire for prosperity, because of the various benefits that the unique relationship offers.

Better Understanding Of Oneself

An individual on a higher spirituality level is not disillusioned and misguided by the glamour and allure of the monetary assets in the world. Rather they are content with a comprehensive understanding of their selves and of the world around them and are aware of the meaning of real prosperity.

A Focused Existence

Unlike other individuals, pursuing their money massing goals, spiritual individuals understand and are thus focused on giving importance to the people around them and acquiring the true essence of prosperity.

Deriving Benefits From The Winning Combination

An individual who has acquired the golden formula, the key to lead a successful life, is indeed a fortunate one. A spiritual individual realizes the genuine essence of life, and thus has access to all the means necessary to lead a calm, purposeful and happy existence.

Ways To Benefit From The Perfect Relationship

People, who comprehend, accept and adopt the perfect relationship of spirituality and prosperity, enjoy the means to lead a healthy and successful life. There are various methods adopted by people to reach a level of spirituality they aspire to. The techniques and means employed depend upon the perception and preference of an individual.


Yoga is an activity opted for by multitudes of people, who wish to achieve a spirituality level by engaging in various breathing exercises, and body postures, to calm themselves, and ponder about their surroundings.


Meditation is the art of calmly thinking about and perceiving ones surroundings, learning about the environment and ones subsequent role and importance in it. Individuals, who meditate, calm their inner selves and think about their main purpose and meaning in life.

Quiet Reflection

Many individuals prefer to reflect quietly, and think about their life, goals, their environment, problems and the best ways to achieve their ambitions in life.


Many religious individuals find praying a very effective and soothing way of achieving their desired level of spirituality. It helps them to clear their mind and think rationally about the important people and things in their life.

Reflect On Life

Some individuals tend to take out time and reflect on their life’s ambitions and obstacles, and calmly ponder the various ways to deal with their troubles and acquire a state of calm and happiness.

The realization of the successful combination of spirituality and prosperity can serve as the golden ticket of opportunity for anyone who wants to lead a purposeful and happy life.

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